…another try

Let’s see if using Archive.org helps…

Yes it does!!!

As I may have previously mentioned, this first recording and those below are in French !

However I confirm “The Rolistes Podcast” will be in English.

My little goal is to do something about geekiness, tabletop RPGs and lif as an expat (immigrant if you prefer) in London.

An aspect I find interesting is how tabletop gaming can put around the table people from different walk of life.

Finally, I hope to dosomething at least a few people will enjoy listening to as enjoy my own favourite podcasts (Weekly Planet, Radio Free Burrito, Plumbing the Death Star, James Bonding, Mission Log…)

In the meantime, here is another game session recording (in French) this time in the Dark Earth Universe.

…and here’s an extract where I improvised, in character, a song based on a famous classic…

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