Work in progress…

Hello folks (from the future),

This page is quite empty and the podcast is yet to be at this stage.

I am very enthusiastic about this project. It is a first for me.

I will write a bit more about the why soon. Today I just wanted to post about my first tries at recording and uploading some audio content.

Following us discussing my idea for this podcast, a friend has recorder one of our game sessions.

Unfortunately, while I plan for the podcast to be in English, this first recording is entirely in French.

However, this first try is quite useful to get a first go at the technical difficulties, learn my way around Audacity and hosting but most of all it motivates me even more.

Despite, the limited quality of that recording and the complete lack of preparation, it is already quite nice to be able to listen again to a game session and to share it.

Enjoy (or not) until I manage to broadcast something better.


Starfleet Academy Crimson Squadron – Remise des diplôme

PS: After multiple tries (and a wasted afternoon) I temporarily give up on having an embeded audio player work in this post.

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