Meet the Role Play Haven, Loncon & Dragonmeet

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With episode 4, it is my great pleasure to introduce the listeners of The Rolistes Podcast to London’s largest, and extremely friendly, gaming role playing club: Role Play Haven.

Garry and James are my guests for the first time,  and problably not the last, to introduce us to the story, achievements and ongoing activities of, Role Play Haven, which is a not only a club but also a Community Interest Company (non-profit organization).

We seize the opportunity to discuss also their own first steps in the world tabletop RPG, British gaming habits, the Loncon (72nd World Science Fiction Convention) and Dragonmeet.

See below for the details about Dragonmeet and other activities held at Role Play Haven.

As mentioned in my after credit message, as part of a potential crossover with an established French RPG podcast, I would be very keen to receive, from you all, questions you would have about roleplayers across the Channel. Do you want to find out what they play? Where they play? Do you any idea for obscure questions to investigate?

If so, or if you have any comment about the podcast, please contact me through one of the following:

Twitter: @rolistespod

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Theme song: “Solta o Franco” by Bonde Do Role

Additional songs:
“London Town” by The Shrubs
“Home” by Ramsden
“Sit In One Place” by The Carny
“Masters of Science Fiction” by The Carny

All songs available for free download at

Upcoming events
Role Play Haven Stratford Branch Weekly Games – Every Tuesday from 7pm to 10.45pm
Role Play Haven Lewisham Branch Weekly Games – Every Wednesday from 7pm to 10.45pm
Dragonmeet – Saturday 5th December 2015 from 10am to Midnight
Role Play Haven Christmas Quizz – Wednesday 16th December
Role Play Haven Game Master Workshop – Monday 25th January

Also join The Rolistes Podcast and the Guilde des Rolistes Francophone de Londres at one of our monthly drinks (next one Tuesday 24th November and Tuesday 27th January).

What are we reading? What are we gonna read?
“Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook ” Fantasy Flight Games
“Robert E. Howard’s Conan Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of.” Modiphius
The Walking Dead” AMC
“The Complete Chronicles of Conan” Robert E. Howard
La Lune et Douze Lotus” John Grümph
“Saga” by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples

00:00:00 Meet Garry and James
00:06:03 Roleplayers in the UK
00:06:52 The places where we play
00:07:47 “London Town” by The Shrubs
00:10:13 A haven for roleplayers
00:15:49 “Home” by Ramsden
00:17:56 The history of Role Play Haven
00:21:54 “Sit In One Place” by The Carny
00:24:45 Role Play Haven, other clubs, Dragonmeet and Loncon
00:36:12 “Masters of Science Fiction” by The Carny
00:37:36 The Role Play Haven’s involvements and activities
00:55:02 What are we reading? What are we gonna read?

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