A Dragonmeet of Ice & Fire

Have you been to Dragonmeet yet?

If you did, you already know how much fun it is to attend this event.

If you didn’t, do not worry. You don’t have to wait for next year’s edition to enjoy a slice of London’s largest tabletop gaming convention.

We head to a very northern and windy destination, on a mission to find a lost.

As the way is long an treacherous, several interviews will also rhythm this episode.

I must say I am very happy with the random encounters I rolled.

Only friendly people:

As decribed in the announcement part please consider contributing to my Patreon and/or join us at “Le Drinks & Dices” on Monday February 29th at the Tattershall Castle.

…and for another slice of Dragonmeet audio, please check the excellent  “Episode 4 – RPG Games Cons Dragonmeet” by the Grognard Files.

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Theme song: “Solta o Franco” by Bonde Do Role

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Board games
Zombicide” by Guillotine Games
Dalek Dice” by Cubicle 7

Tabletop RPGs
Esteren RPG: Book 0 PrologueShadows of Esteren” by Nelyhann
Beasts & Barbarians” by Umberto Pignatelli
Leaves of Chiaroscuro by Megan Bennett-Burks & Jason Lada
Bloodlust” by Croc, the G. E. Ranne duo and Stéphane Bura
Nephilim” by Frédéric Weil, Fabrice Lamidey, Sam Shirley & Greg Stafford
In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas” by Croc
Yggdrasil” by Cubicle 7
Qin: The Warring States” by Romain d’Huissier and Kristoff at Cublicle 7
The Call of Cthulhu” by C.Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis
Maléfices” by Michel Gaudo & Guillaume Rohmer
Te Deum pour un massacre” by Jean-Philippe Jaworski.
Apocalypse World” by D. Vincent Baker
The Judge Dredd RPG” by Matthew Sprange
Paranoia” by Dan Gelber
Monsterhearts” by Avery Alder McDaldno
Night Witches” by Jason Morningstar
Blades in the Dark” by John Harper
Masks: A New Generation” by Brendan G. Conway
The One Ring” by Francesco Nepitello for Cubicle 7
Cthulhu Britannica” by Cubicle 7
Lone Wolf Adventure” by Cubicle 7
Doctor Who RPG“by Cubicle 7

00:00:36 Summoned by the Lord Commander
00:02:01 Federika from the Role Play Haven
00:04:36 Gianna from the Role Play Haven
00:10:09 A brother is gone
00:14:45 Porter Williams Utahn roleplayer
00:22:10 North of The Wall
00:25:34 Nelyhann from the Forge Songes collective & author of Shadows Of Esteren
00:38:00 Shallow waters
00:42:47 The Formal Gamer : A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast
00:50:50 Oliver Brooks game designer from Wotan Games
00:58:10 Further north
01:01:14 Andrew Dacey from London Indie RPG
01:05:43 Dominic McDowall CEO of Cubicle 7
01:11:17 Closing with James from the Role Play Haven
01:13:55 Atop the Fist of the First Men
01:21:10 Rolistes Podcast public announcements about Patreon and “Le Drinks & Dices

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