Dungeons & Dragons Explained And Other Random Encounters

Dungeons & Dragons !

Most famous and sometimes infamous of all tabletop roleplaying games. The number One both in time and success.

With this belated Episode 8, we try to come back to the basics.

First, The Rolistes Podcast introduces you to Aora, one of London’s friendliest roleplaying expat.

Second, through our discussion with Aora, and many other random encounters, we try to lift the veil from what her favourite game, Dungeons & Dragons, is about.

Finally, we attempt to do so in a manner which, we hope, roleplayers AND people not familiar with that hobby will enjoy.

If you do have questions or comments about this episode and Dungeons & Dragons, please don’t hesitate to contact The Rolistes Podcast.

Thanks to Aora and to all the participants to the randomly generated question sessions:

  • Friendly Danes Emil and Meda during a visit of the amazing shop Faraos Sigarer in Copenhagen
  • Oscar at Westfield Stratford and Vaughn in an undisclosed location attend this event.

As described in the announcement part please consider contributing to my Patreon and/or join us at “Le Drinks & Dices” on Monday March 28th at the Tattershall Castle and the next one which will take place on Monday April 25th.

…and for more podcast awesomeness, the next episode of The Grognard Files which should be about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

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Theme song: “Solta o Franco” by Bonde Do Role

Additional Songs:
“Play Like A Girl” by June & Jean Millington
“We Could Walk Together” by The Clientele
“Blue Ball The Bard” by Milgrom
“Grown Up Grow A Beard” by Kazoo Funk Orchestra

Available for free download at http://freemusicarchive.org/

Tabletop RPGs
Dungeons & Dragons” by Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson
Traveller – Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future” by Gareth Hanrahan
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” by Gary Gygax
Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition” by David “Zeb” Cook
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition” by Monte Cook
Dungeons & Dragons v3.5” by Wizard Team
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition” by Rob Heinsoo
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition” by Wizards RPG Team

RPG related movies and TV shows
The IT Crowd – Series 4 – Episode 1: Jen the Fredo” by Graham Linehan
Mazes and Monsters” by Steven Hilliard Stern
The Last Witchhunter” by Breck Eisner
The Big Bang Theory – Season 6 – Episode 23: The Love Spell Potential” by Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady
Community – Season 2 – Episode 14: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” by Dan Harmon
Community – Season 5 – Episode 10: Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” by Dan Harmon

What are we reading? What are we gonna read?
SPECTRE” by Sam Mendes
Criminal Minds” by Jeff Davis
Odyssea” by Thomas Munier
Hail, Caesar!” by Ethan Coen & Joel Coen

00:01:22 Meet Aora
00:03:07 Aora’s take on tabletop RPG
00:07:22 “Play Like A Girl” by June & Jean Millington
00:09:51 Random Encounter 1 – Oscar
00:14:59 Dungeons & Dragons – From leading armies to incarnating heroes
00:17:58 The first Dungeons & Dragons
00:18:53 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and the role of rules
00:24:28 Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition – doors, monsters and teamwork
00:28:40 “We Could Walk Together” by The Clientele
00:31:14 Random Encounter 2 – Emil and Meda at Faraos Sigarer
00:35:16 Dungeons & Dragons v.3.5 and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition
00:42:27 Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and classes explained
00:45:48 “Blue Ball The Bard” by Milgrom
00:47:06 Controversial D&D
00:51:55 Trendy D&D
00:55:27 “Grown Up Grow A Beard” by Kazoo Funk Orchestra
00:56:53 Random Encounter 3 – Vaughn
01:04:16 The roleplaying bouncer
01:06:19 RPG celebrities
01:08:08 What are you reading? What are you gonna read?
01:21:10 Rolistes Podcast public announcements

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