Patreon goals & update

It’s been a couple month, since the launch of the Patreon for The Rolistes Podcast and I am extremely thankful for the first pledges I have received. Thanks dear Patrons.

As we are getting closer to the first goal ($10), I thought I should share with you the complete list of goals. The style of Patreon pages apparently changed around the time I started this one. Previously Patreon pages used to show all the goals set by creators.

I personally find it a bit sad as I like to day dream along creators (love the goals of Dikr The Dice / The Grognard Files). More importantly, I prefer it to be known by current and future patrons of The Rolistes Podcast, so you can give me some feedback on them.

This list is a first go inspired by other podcasts with a little personal touch. Please do not hesitate to send your comments, whether or not you are already a patron, about what goals you find interesting or less so, in which order they are organised etc.

To be clear, I do not expect to reach the highest of those goals. But hey, agan why not day dream a little together?

This is also as much about the Patreon as it is about future content for The Roliste Podcast.

Here it is:

$10 – Do you hear me? / Better audio hardware
This modest first goal will allow me to purchase additional  or better hardware including a second Audio Technica Pro 41 (the first onealready significantly improved my ability to record outdoor interviews).

$20 – English breakfast / Conventions or interviews across the UK episode
In addition, to episodes at Dragonmeet (which I’m likely to attend each year), I will attend and record interviews at another convention in the UK (probably the UK Games Expo in Birmingham first) thanks to your contribution to travel costs and other expenses.

$30 – Hello gorgeous! / Improved website
This would cover the cost of an upgrade with WordPress or a move to Squarespace (to be determined at the light of your feedback dear listeners about how you’d like to see the site evolve), get a domain name…

$40 – I got a little song for ya
I will write (I have actually started), sing and record a spoof song “à la Weird Al’ Yankovic” about tabletop RPG.

$50 – Here’s some loot / RPG giveaways
At least once per year, I will purchase copies of games discussed in The Rolistes Podcast and offer them to listeners via a little contest.

$60 – Continental breakfast / European convention episode
I will attend and record interviews at an event outside the UK in Europe (Utopiales de Nantes, Internationale Spieltage SPIEL of Essen, Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg…) thanks to your contribution to travel costs and other expenses.

$70 – More loot / Merchandising
The Rolistes Podcast branded funny merchandising (pins, tshirts…) will be designed and made available for purchase to listeners. Patrons will be entitled to receive one of those new items as a thank you for their contribution.

$80 – So you liked my song?
Each and every year, I will write and record a spoof song “à la Weird Al’ Yankovic” about tabletop RPG.

$100 – Petit dej’ compris / Interviews across Europe episode
The Rolistes Podcast aims to support exchanges across the Channel and the Pond between tabletop RPG lovers. Your subscription will be used to engage with fellow geek, game creator or “celebrity” abroad and to travel to interview them in their home country.

$200 – Now you see me / Video content
Video content will be created and made available online at least once per year (hopefully more often depending on success and technical ability). Those videos will be either interviews, mini documentaries, game sessions or videoclips for the spoof songs (if they prove popular).

$500 – Bed & Breakfast / Inviting “guests” to London
The Rolistes Podcast aims to support exchanges across the Channel and the Pond between tabletop RPG lovers. Your subscription will be used to invite and host in London a fellow notorious geek, game creator or “celebrity” to record an interview and hopefully take part to a public event.

$1,000 – Breakfast Club / World class convention episode
I will attend and record interviews at an event outside Europe (GenCon, PAX East, PAX Australia…) thanks to your contribution to travel costs and other expenses.

So? What do you think?

Twitter: @rolistespod


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