Foodie, Geeky, Fantasy & RPG Stew


Isn’t that the greatest thing in life?

Don’t you think the pleasure of gathering around a table to share breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner has a lot in common with the pleasure of gathering around a table for a good session of tabletop RPG?

Actually, I am just looking for a justification (no matter how flimsy) to geek around my favourite British televisual event: Masterchef.

Anyway, I can come up with a number of good reasons to discuss the topic of food.

It’s a great opportunity to have a new equally food obsessed guest, Rachael aka Rae, from Phoenix Games Club and London Indie RPG as well as my dear wife Persephelia author of the Oysters & Milk foodblog.

It’s also an opportunity to challenge seriously overdue misconceptions about food in the UK and to shine a light on London’s food scene and British food stars.

Anyway who are you to question my choices of topic for The Rolistes Podcast?


… I AM KALUM! Wielder of The Rolistes Podcast, unifier of players across Channel, Pond and hemispheres!! (*)

This episode has quite a trolley load of ingredients and it was quite an invention test to put them together: Hairy Bikers, eyeballs soup, agriculture shows, worried about that soufflé John Torode & sweet tooth Gregg Walace, drippy icing eclairs, walktapi flavoured Dirk The Dice (The Grognaaaaaard Files), 1950’s cold liver & National Bread, Heston’s Fantastical Food, Plomeek Soup, replicators & Deanna Troi’s chocolate ice cream ritual, Nigella, Mrs. Patmore’s Infamous Raspberry Meringue Pudding, the world’s best burger, Little Paris Kitchen, dysfunctional Talkie Toaster, Borough Belles WI, fancy dining at a bargain price, lard infused bad translations (faux amis: lard/bacon), Shackfuyu comeback, Dinnerladies, Greenwich teriyaki & Turkish, appliance selling Mary Berry, nation’s sweetheart Nadiya & purist French lady, Terry Pratchett dwarf bread, Frank’s Café (come for the view stay for the food), and quite a bit of bantering about following recipes or not with traditional gaming versus indie gaming innuendo (sigh… London Indie RPG).

The final result of this endeavour ended up to be…

…quite a stew. (**)

(*) Sorry it appears Kalum suffers from a rare form of Dan Carlin induced fever.
(**) Symptoms of Dan Carlin fever include excessive reliance on puns for episode descriptions.

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The Rolistes Podcast by Kalum is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Theme song: “Solta o Franco” by Bonde Do Role

Additional Songs:
“Medieval Abstraction” by Lucas Pern & Miloslav Kollar
“Ritual” by David Szetay

Available for free download at

Dwarf Bread of Lancre from “Witch Abroad” by Terry Pratchett
Sanguinaccio Dolce from “Hannibal” by Bryan Fuller
Murlynd’s Sustaining Spoon from “Unearthed Arcana” by Gary Gygax
Food replication systems from “Star Trek: The Next Generation – Technical Manual” by Rick Sternbach & Michael Okuda
Cooking Walktapus from “RuneQuest Companion, Wyrm’s Footnotes #2” by Bill Johnson

Mentioned tabletop RPGs & games
Dungeons & Dragons” by Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson
Fiasco Role Playing Game” by Jason Morningstar
STALKER – The SciFi Roleplaying Game” by Ville Vuorela
Nephilim : Occult Roleplaying” by Fabrice Lamidey & Frédéric Weil
DragonQuest” by Eric Goldberg, Gerard C. Klug, David James Ritchie, Edward J. Woods& Redmond A. Simonsen
Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying” by C.Sandy Petersen
7th Sea” by John Wick, Jennifer Wick & Kevin Wilson
Scion” by John Chambers
Exalted” by Christopher Moeller
Aberrant” by Robert Hatch
Judge Dredd the Role-Playing Game” by Games Workshop
One Ring” by Cubicle 7

Mentioned books
Roadside Picnic” by Boris Strugatsky
Matilda” by Roald Dahl

Mentioned movies and TV shows
Chef” by Peter Tilbury & Lenny Henry
Dinnerladies” by Victoria Wood
Red Dwarf” by Grant Naylor
Downtown Abbey“by Julian Fellowes
Hook” by Steven Spielberg
Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom” by Steven Spielberg
Dragon Ball” by Akira To

London places where to eat
Southbank Centre Food Market
Borough Market
Maltby Street Market: Ropewalk
Greenwich Market
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester
Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley
Frank’s Café
Union Pub
Bleecker St.

What are we reading? What are we gonna read?
Zombie themed books by Mira Grant
World War Z” by  Max Brooks
The Hellequin Chronicles” by Steve McHugh
The Dresden Files” by Jim Butcher
Anything by Elizabeth Moon
Lords & Ladies” by Terry Pratchett

00:00:17 Dwarf Bread of Lancre
00:01:31 Why an episode about food?
00:02:25 Meet Rae & Persephelia
00:10:33 Back on the topic of food
00:13:51 Sanguinaccio Dolce
00:14:47 What we eat when tabletop roleplaying
00:18:37 Is Game Mastering for firends like cooking dinner for friends?
00:21:33 Murlynd’s Sustaining Spoon
00:22:47 In game food and other fantasy dishes
00:26:05 Fictional food we’d like to taste
00:31:05 Food replication systems
00:33:22 Food in the UK
00:42:34 Walktapus cooking (featuring Dirk The Dice from The Grognard Files)
00:45:36 British cooking stars
00:49:40 London’s best places to eat
00:55:29 Masterchef
01:00:50 What are you reading? What are you gonna read?
01:21:10 The Rolistes Podcast public announcements

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