Modiphius’ Chris Birch & Unrelated Birthday Shenanigans (incl. Captain America: Civil War)

Meet Chris Birch, the fellow gamer behind the success of British publisher Modiphius, and in recent years Dragonmeet.

Thanks to our regular guest Garry, from The Role Play Haven, for making that interview possible.

Chris tells us about his journey which includes a lot of old school gaming, as well as the development, among other things, of Star Blazer Adventures and  Kickstarter projects including Achtung CthulhuMutant ChroniclesConanThunderbirds Co-operative Board Game

Join us to hear about more ambitions for Dragonmeet or present and future Modiphius projects.

In parallel, and for completely unrelated reasons whatsoever, we go through London for Persephelia’s birthday and head again for Westfield Stratford with Nala to see Captain America: Civil War.

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Theme song: “Solta o Franco” by Bonde Do Role

Additional Songs:
“Super Psyched Birthday Crew” by The Danimals
“Weirdoz Everywhere” by The Prefab Messiahs

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Tabletop RPGs & games
Ogre” by Steve jackson
Achtung! Cthulhu” from Modiphius
Corvus Belli’s Infinity Roleplaying Game” kickstarter from Modiphius
Thunderbirds Co-Operative Board Game” by Matt Leacock for Modiphius
Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game” from Modiphius
Siege of the Citadel” by Richard Borg for Target Games
Dungeons & Dragons” by Gary Gygax
Metamorphosis Alpha” by James M. Ward for TSR
Middle-earth Role Playing” by Coleman Charlton for Iron Crown Enterprises
Runequest” by Chaosium
Fate: Core System” by Esdevium Games Ltd
Starblazer Adventures in the Second Age of Space” by Chris Birch, David Donachie, Stuart Newman & Douglas Nicol for Cubicle 7
City of the Dead” by Modiphius
Mutant Chronicles RPG” by Modiphius
In Nomine Satanis” by Croc
Paranoia: The Roleplaying Game of a Darkly Humorous Future” by  Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber, & Eric Goldberg for West End Games
Kult: Beyond the Veil” by 7th Circle Publishing
Heroes of Normandie” by Flat River Group
Shadows over Normandie” by Flat River Group
Warhammer 40.000” by Games Workshop
Star Wars Miniatures” by Wizards of the Coast
“Blaster Array”by Chris Birch
Blood Berets” by Target Games
Robert E Howard’s Conan: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of Roleplaying Game” by Modiphius

Mentioned comics, movies and TV shows
Beano, Commando & Stablazer
Sgt. Rock by DC Comics

Mentioned people & businesses
David Grant singer of “That Certain Feeling”
Joystick Junkies apparel
Modiphius Entertainment
DC Thomson
publisher of Beano, Commando & Stablazer
Cubicle 7
Mike Pondsmith 
author of Mekton, Cyberpunk & Castle Falkenstein
Matt Leacock
John Dodd 

What are we reading? What are we gonna read?
A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Shannara Chronicles” from MTV based on the book series by Terry Brooks
Game of Thrones” from HBO based on the book series by George RR Martin
Arrow“, “DC Legends of Tomorrow“, “The Flash” from CW
Supergirl“from CBS
Cold City” by Malcolm Craig
Odyssea” by Thomas Munier

00:00:16 Meet Chris Birch
00:02:57 Modiphius
00:04:04 What is tabletop RPG?
00:04:43 Dining & gaming
00:06:28 At Borough Market for Persephelia’s birthday
00:07:40 “Super Psyched Birthday Crew” by The Danimals
00:08:33 Chris’ first steps in tabletop RPG
00:11:01 Fondest gaming memories and the good old deadly games
00:19:02 French translation of Modiphius games
00:20:28 At Westfield Stratford before “Captain America: Civil War”
00:25:27 From RPG player to RPG creator
00:31:39 The Genesis of “Achtung! Cthulhu”
00:35:29 Back to Westfield Stratford after “Captain America: Civil War”
00:43:32 “Weirdoz Everywhere” by The Prefab Messiahs
00:46:01 Mutant Chronicles, Thunderbirds Co-Operative Board Game, Infinity & Conan
00:51:36 Dragonmeet
00:54:32 What are you reading? What are you gonna read?

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