Never Got Around To It -Sandman, Meandering and Complaining About Meandering

Bret from Never Got Around To It podcast was kind enough to be the very first podcast to invite me as guest.

I find the concept of his show very cool. Guest are invited to pick something they should have read, watched or played for a long time, do so and come to the show to discuss their overdue discovery such as so far: Final Fantasy, the Sherlock Holmes novels or Castlevania.

My pick for my own modest contribution to the Never Got Around To It show is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

As it is the tradition, we went on many tangents (Blacksad and franco-belgian bande dessinée, inking, me complaining about meandering why indulging in it) and discussed more about random stuff than Sandman itself. However, I hope you’ll still enjoy that episode of Bret’s show (I am myself listening to it for the first time as I am typing this) and definitely check more of them.



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