An Evening With Monte Cook & Other RPG Memories

It’s been almost a year since I started The Rolistes Podcast (more about that in Ep 13) and what a wonderful surprise to receive, at such time, an email from Monte Cook Games suggesting an episode with their podcast savvy co-founder.

Unlike what I usually do, I didn’t ask Monte Cook many questions about his first experience in tabletop RPG. This subject is covered in several fellow podcasts I recommend to check (i.e.: Talking TableTop or Once & Future Podcast). We instead meandered between several other topics including family gaming with No Thank You Evil, showing appreciation to our dear game masters, tabletop RPG across the World, the layers of gaming (inspired by the concept from Misdirected Mark Podcast) as well as diversity in game settings and in the tabletop RPG family.

As usual, I sprinkled the episode with an extra ingredient. This time, following Persephelia’s inspired suggestion, I recorded a few anecdotes from fellow gamers (some you might recognise and a couple new recruits).

If you are curious about the Monte Cook Games discussed, here’s a great opportunity to purchase one. Use the following promotional code to benefit a $5 gift on any purchase on the Monte Cook Games Webstore:


My own purchase will be The Strange so I can run the free to download “Ohunkakan: The Living Myths” Native American Recursion, discussed in this episode and subject of one of the episode of the Native Trailblazers Podcast.

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8 thoughts on “An Evening With Monte Cook & Other RPG Memories

    1. Thanks.

      It’s very nice to read such encouraging comments.

      Monte Cook was very friendly indeed and his team actually reached me out on their initiative to suggest we do this episode. Wouldn’t have dreamt to do such an episode.



  1. Cool this indie game stuff tho I never was GM…mostly every saturday I play rpg with some friends but it mostly never work out very well but we are working on it.


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