The One About Me, Me, Me, Meee… (With Awesome Feats)

So it’s been a year…

I guess it was time to admit The Rolistes Podcast is mostly an ego trip (you probably had figured it out by now) and to finally stop interrupting my guests when they speak…

…by being the guest myself.

To be the host of that special episode, I recruited the best available, someone with an even smoother French accent than myself: Willem from the Ice Cream For Everyone Podcast.

This offers a good opportunity to talk a lot about myself, the birth of The Rolistes Podcast, the shows which made me want to start my own (Mr Sunday & Nick Mason’s The Weekly Planet, Laurent Garnier’s It Is What It Is, Wil Wheaton’s Radio Free Burrito…), self congratulate on what has already been achieved and discuss a bit about the potential Patreon supported future.

Spoiler alert!

That celebratory episode was also and opportunity to invite friendly fellow podcasters: Ayla from Du Dé Au Micro, the awesome duo Green Korean & Octopus Caveman from The Dave Podcast and hosts of many other shows, and finally Jake from Jake & Tom Conquer The World.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one. I’ll be back as host in September with a much more interesting guest than myself.

Thanks for the support and your comments. As usual please send me your comments via any of the means below.

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I’m afraid, like the above it will have to wait at least for September (apologies for the delay)

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