Parental Advisory Required In Nomine Satanis Magna Veritas (with July)


Sorry for the slight delay with this episode. It involved a lot of editing (by the way the generous Patreon supporters will have access to the whole “unedited” four hours of Actual Play).

As mentioned in the intro, this episode is a bit of an exception due to its “adult” content.

When I started this show, one of my ambitions was to introduce roleplayers across the World to tabletop RPGs dear to French speaking roleplayers. “In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas” (INS/MV for the cool kids) certainly holds a special place in our hearts.

We already discussed  a couple of times in The Rolistes Podcast about the bad reputation of tabletop roleplaying.

Well I got to admit, INS/MV doesn’t shy away from having a laugh about politics, religions, France and our World in general. Again it is to be played by adults. I sincerely hope this little demonic, not to be taken seriously, adventure won’t offend. That is not our intent.

Speaking of good intentions, please check the websites of Les Restos du Cœur or Shelter and consider supporting their work.

With this episode, you are also introduced to July.  Yet another fine member of La Guilde des Rolistes Francophones de Londres. In addition to going through the usual interview, she brilliantly wrote game mastered that session of INS/MV for myself and our 3 British recruits: Kat from the Role Play Haven, Gully from The Rock Show With Gully & Joe, and Lee (who July found God knows where).

I hope you’ll enjoy this one. Episode 15 will be issued in time at the end of October. I promise.

Thanks for the support and your comments. As usual please send me your comments via any of the means below.

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