Boldly Going Star Trek with Chris, John & Dave



…The final frontier…

Here is finally Episode 16.

Apologies for the delay. I happened to be a bit over ambitious with this episode.

Over the last few years, Star Trek has grown into something I am really passionate about .

I happened also to be extremely lucky with this episode.

First, Modiphius announced Star Trek Adventures, which after many years brings back Gene Roddenberry’s universe in the realm of tabletop RPG. I’m very thankful to Chris Birch and Dave aka David F. Chapman for joining The Rolistes Podcast to discuss their passion for Star Trek and ambitions with their new game. I even had an opportunity to record a Playtest mastered by Nathan Dowdell.

Second, I took a shot at inviting one of the hosts of one of my all time favourite podcasts: John Champion the trivia half of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. I still can’t believe he said yes. I had to refrain myself as much as I could from fanboying during the recording. Thanks so much John for your kindness.

Last but not least, right around the time I was preparing the show, another coincidence took place. The London BFI heralded their autumn blockbuster events, BLACK STAR, which looks at the nature of black stardom on screen, by welcoming Nichelle Nichols for a Star Trek at 50 celebration. I sincerely thank the BFI for allowing me to record a vox-populi on their premises. This was the opportunity to interview Paige aka Wonderkid100. A very friendly trekkie, celebrity photobomb expert and North Londoner.

Thanks listeners for your patience.

I will do my best to upload Episode 17 in time at the end of this month.



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