Xany, the Brexited Scientist Who’ll Be Back With An Army of Robots

Back to basics with this episode. No crazy Actual Play with multiple sound effects and other editing craziness.

However, this is for the second time a sad occasion as another member of “La Guilde des Rolistes Francophones de Londres” is leaving London.

Xany, you might remember him from a couple previous episodes, is an awesome roleplayer and friend. It’s sad to see him go (although he’ll be back) but at least his departure was a good excuse to have this episode and discuss about his little path in and out of London.

Thanks to Thomas B. and the crew of Radio Rolistes for recommending the show.

Thanks also to everyone who came by the Dragonmeet Podcast Zone to say hello in person. It was great meeting several listeners in person.

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Best wishes for 2017 everyone!

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