The Show’s Two Years Celebration Is Around The Corner

Cake: Birthday Cake With Candles For 2nd Birthday

It’s been a busy second year for The Rolistes Podcast and looking back further I am quite proud of the journey since the start of the show back in the summer of 2015.

I think it calls for a proper celebration !

This celebration should take place as part of episode 23 (or maybe 24).

Since the show is about YOU, dear Rolistes, I’d like to involve you in that celebratory episode. Here’s a little survey I hope many of you will take part to. It’s about the first two years of the show up to episode 20 (for episode 21 onwards it will have to wait 2019).

The result of that survey will be the core of that special episode (I can’t just make episode with me as the guest each year).

As an extra treat, I will maybe select one of the listeners completing the survey to be herself/himself the guest of an episode of The Rolistes Podcast.

But wait! Don’t rush…

…you might want first to check this playlist of all the FMA songs played on the show before answering the survey.

Also, no stress, the Survey is made so that you should be able to edit your answers till it is concluded. This should happen around June. I am not sure yet. I will post updates about that over the next months.



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