UK Games Expo, here comes The Rolistes Podcast


One short sleep and I’ll be in the train for Birmingham and its UK Games Expo.

Thanks to YOU dear Patreon supporter for making this happen.

The Dragonmeet 2016 multi parts set a new standard for ‘convention’ episodes of The Rolistes Podcast.

I hope to exceed that standard for your enjoyment.

I hope also to meet many listeners of the show there. As often, the best way to find me will be to follow my whereabouts via Twitter @rolistespod.

About finding people and twitter, the very imaginative Symatt from #rpglifeuk had a brilliant idea. Join his #expobingo by finding selected ‘targets’ (including myself), tweet a selfie with each of them and maybe you’ll get a rather cool prize.


In French, it’s called “faire d’une pierre deux coups”.



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