The Rolistes Go To The UK Games Expo (Part One)

Here it is, our very first episode recorded at the UK Games Expo! Thanks again to the fans supporting the show via Patreon for unlocking that $30 goal.

In this first part, we headed with Haqadosch for Birmingham, where we made a handful encounters (Spoiler Alert!).

Please let me know if you enjoyed that episode through reviewing it alongside the show on Podchaser (using the key “rolistes”) and by completing our survey.

The result of that survey will be the core of that special episode (I can’t just make episode with me as the guest each year).

The Rolistes Podcast is a proud member of The RPG Academy Network. Make sure to check their many excellent shows, including our brand new member Shadow of the Cabal an Actual Play set in the world of Legends of the Five Rings.

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Theme song: “Solta o Frango” by Bonde Do Role

Song available for free download at

Tabletop RPGs & games
Golden Heroes” by Simon Burley for Games Workshop
The Code Of Shōjo And Shōnen” by Simon Burley
HeroQuest” by Robin D. Laws for Moon Design Publications
Noir World” by John Adamus
Night’s Black Agents” by Pelgrane Press
Tunnels & Trolls” by Ken St Andre
Tails of Equestria” by River Horse Publishing
Pathfinder” by Paizo
Mutants & Masterminds” by Steve Kenson for Green Ronin

Mentioned events, movies, video games, magazines, podcasts and TV shows
UK Games Expo” in Birmingham
Grogmeet” in Manchester
Dragondaze” in Newport
Dragonmeet” in London
The Grognard Files” by Dirk the Dice
One Shot RPG” by James D’Amato
Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator” by Thomas Robertson
My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic” by Hasbro

Paul Coburn from “Imagine” magazine
Rick Meints from “Chaosium Inc”
Tim Olson from “Games Workshop Hammersmith”
Ian Cooper running “HeroQuest”
Allessio Cavatore from “River Horse Publishing”
Casus Belli
White Dwarf

to be updated

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