Dragonmeet 2017, Return to the #PodcastZone (Part One)

The Rolistes Podcast and the #PodcastZone are back for Dragonmeet 2017.

It was less than a couple months ago but it already feels like ages.

In this first part, several enthusiast tabletop RPG fans answered a few questions:

  • Stuart, a ” Roliste” (fan of the show) who was kind enough to visit Dragonmeet for the first time to say a few kind words about our show and others participating to the #PodcastZone;
  • Thirsty from Baylor’s Blade and Bloodthirsty Puppets, introduced us to his homebrew “Spiced System“, and AJ to his youtube channel Sword Coast Soundscapes;
  • James Wallis, who most of you should remember from Episode 24, who is celebrating the release of Alas Vegas and introduced us to fellow game designers Ian Sturrock from Serpent King Games, and Minka;
  • Finally, I had the rare privilege to interview “The Angel” and her somewhat more famous sister Kat Tulip from Pocket Mimic.

Stay tuned for more interviews in the second part of our Dragonmeet 2017 episode.

The Rolistes Podcast is a proud member of The RPG Academy Network. Make sure to check their many excellent shows including Game Closet.

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