Film Studies – Brotherhood of the Wolf (Call of Kung Fthulhu)

Here’s the very first episode of “Film Studies” a new bonus show by The RPG Academy.

In Film Studies, members of the The RPG Academy Network, along with guests who may not be from the network will review a film and discuss ways it could help inform RPG sessions or plots.

For this inaugural episode, Kalum from The Rolistes Podcast was joined by Tanner and Dakota of the Shadow of the Cabal podcast and special guest Camille from Demipia The Third Age as they watched Brotherhood of the Wolf.

This being the first episode we are still playing around with the format of the show and we would be thankful to receive your feedback.

We hope you enjoy this series. If so, please reach out and suggest other movies you’d like us to discuss.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the movie we discuss AND support our show you an use The RPG Academy’s affiliate link.

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