Film Studies – Armour of God II / Operation Condor (Three Low-stats Bards & a Min-max Monk)

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Welcome to the second episode of “Film Studies”, the bonus series brought to you by The RPG Academy Network.

In Film Studies, members of the Network, sometimes joined by non-Network guests, will review a film and discuss ways it could inspire tabletop RPG adventures, characters or practices.

This time Dakota from “Shadow of the Cabal“ heads the class to introduce you to the 1998 “Armour of God II / Operation Condor” from one his favourite Martial-art legend actor and director Jackie Chan.

Our competent academic team is completed by Amelia, from Shadow of the Cabal and “Character Creation Cast”, as well as Kalum from ”The Rolistes Podcast”.

As discussed, we recommend you check the excellent video “Jackie Chan – How to Do Action Comedy” by Every Frame a Painting.

Tabletop RPG settings systems and setting mentioned included: “Feng Shui 2” at Atlas Games both by Robin D Law, “Overkill: The Action Movie Roleplaying Game” by Joseph Barber, “Action Movie World” by Ian Williams for Flatland Games, “GURPS” (ah ah ah Tanner shout out) and “Wushu” by Daniel Bayn.

The next film to be the subject of our class will be Jonathan Lynn‘s 1985 “Clue”. Let us know ahead of the recording about if this one inspired you some tabletop RPG adventures and maybe we will discuss it on the show.

This new series is still in its early stages and we are still fiddling with the format.

Please send us your feedback so we can fine tune it for your enjoyment, to tell us about your own experience with the movies discussed or even suggest films you would like us to cover in future episodes.

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the movie we discuss AND support our show you an use our affiliate link. You can even do so with tabletop RPG purchases via our DriveThru affiliate link.

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