So. You Are A Tabletop RPG Fan In London

So... Youa re Visiting London

Whether your are visiting for a few days or moving here permanently, London has much to offer to tabletop RPG and Dungeons & Dragons fans.

This is a modest attempt at creating a “go to” post listing the essential information regarding the hobby in our beautiful city. Something quick and easy to share with fans with plenty of questions.

Please do let me know if something is outdated or missing.

The Main Events

Monthly – London’s Le Drinks & Dice


Le Drinks & Dices is hosted monthly by The Rolistes Podcast and Phoenix Games Club. It aims to support friendships across all RPG clubs and individuals fans of the Hobby. It has seen get together members from The Role Play Haven, La Guilde des Rolistes Francophones de Londres, London Indie RPG and Dragon on the Hill.

Any club/association willing is encouraged to join the fun.

It takes place each first Wednesday of the month (see Facebook page for confirmation) at Bad Moon Cafe which has also a range of boardgames available for rent and is located a walk away from London Bridge and even closer from Borough Station.

Yearly – Dragonmeet


Dragonmeet is one of the most vibrant tabletop gaming conventions and the largest of it’s kind in London. You’ll discover a day jam-packed with things for you to do. Expect new and old games to play, industry panels, book signings, an art show, bring & buy, cosplay events, lots of new traders and big demos, tournaments and of course the chance to make new friends and hang out with fellow gamers!

The Clubs


The Role Play Haven

WebpageFacebook – Participations The Rolistes Podcast

This one is more than one club, Not only they got branches in Archway, Lewisham & Stratford but they are also a charity supporting the development of tabletop RPG across the UK.

  • Stratford Branch
    Every Tuesday from 7:15pm to approximately 10:45pm at the Secret Weapon, Princess Of Wales, 25 West Ham Lane, London E15 4PH.
  • Lewisham Branch
    Every Wednesday from 7:00pm to approximately 10:45pm at the Lewis Club (upstairs), University Hospital Lewisham, Lewisham High St, London SE13 6LH.
  • Archway Branch
    Every Tuesday from 7:15pm to approximately 10:45pm at the Hideaway Bar, 114 Junction Rd, Archway, London N19 5LB.

Phoenix Games Club

WebpageFacebook – Participations to The Rolistes Podcast

A Stratford-based friendly bunch of gamers who get together every Thursday evening at the Black Lion Pub in Plaistow, East London.

The London RPG Community Meetup

Webpage – Facebook

TTo be updated

The London Dungeons & Dragons Meetup


This club based on the Meetup platform meets regularly at a variety of locations.

  • Various Locations
    Every Saturday (1.30pm) and Sunday (12:30pm) at various locations.
  • City of London
    Meeting every Monday from 7.00pm at the Counting House, Cornhill Rd
  • South Bank
    Every Tuesday from 6:00pm at the Mad Hatter, Stamford Street.

Dragons on the Hill


A weekly gathering of London people who like to play Role Playing Games, have a drink and meet up with other gamers. A wide range of nationalities, interests and ages (18+ though – it is in a pub after all!).

London Indie RPG


London Indie RPG Meetup is a friendly and vibrant community that meets regularly to play role playing and story games which are typically small press, independent or unpublished.

  • Southwark
    St Christopher’s Inn (see links above for date and times of meetings)
  • Hackney
    Shoreditch Town Hall (see links above for date and times of meetings)

The HATE Club – Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts


The HATE club is dedicated to gaming in many forms, tabletop war gaming, board games, roleplaying games & collectible card games etc.

The club meets every Wednesday from 6pm and Sunday from 12pm at The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.

Dungeons & Dragons London


I created this one but it’s kinda of an empty shell. It’s only a Facebook page. I include it here because it is often mistaken for a club.

I share there events I hear about but mostly silly Dungeons & Dragons memes. Feel free to post about your own events and tables there. I will be happy to share them on the main section.

Sidenote: It’s after giving the same information about RPG in London from people visiting that page that I decided to created the present article. Now I can save time by sharing the link to this page. AH!

La Guilde des Rolistes Fancophones de Londres


A French speaking tabletop RPG club.

No regular scheduled meeting, instead sessions happen on case by case basis for individual tables and sometimes as part of seasonal mini-conventions.

The Shops (to be updated)

Orcs Nest

Leisure Games

The Shows (to be updated)

The Rolistes Podcast

The Rusty Quill


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