Podcast of Foes – The RPG Academy: A Dark Reckoning

Folowing the initiative of Victoria Rogers from The Broadswords, The RPG Academy was invited to contribute to the “Podcast of Foes” event hosted on Wizards of the Coast‘s official podcast stream: Dungeon Delve.

Here’s “A Dark Reckoning” by Michael which sees The Rolistes Podcast, Game Closet and Swallows of the South from The RPG Academy meet for an unique adventure.

Xaddi (Quinn – Swallows of the South), a Githzerai Paladin, seeks to satisfy their oath to destroy Kerthewzaa, a Githyanki solider and former lover. Xaddi has tracked Kerthewzaa between worlds and calls to allies Mykis (Taylor – Game Closet) and Seelance (Kalum – The Rolistes Podcast) in an effort to end Kerthewzaa’s mysterious play for power.

The Rolistes Podcast is a proud member of The RPG Academy Network.

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