“Role Together” Charity Signing London – June 27th

Role Together London_V5

Amazing news for Londoners!

I had the immense privilege of helping organise a fundraising event for the Role Play Haven run charity “Role Together“.

It will take place very soon on Wednesday June 27th at Leisure Games in London from 6pm to 8pm. Please help us spread the word.

This will be the opportunity to “Meet & Greet” and have you favourite books signed by very cool RPG celebrities :

Last but not least, visiting us from the US…

… and even MORE GUESTS will be announced over the next few days!

You don’t need to purchase tickets to attend the event.

The event is FREE however…

…fundraising will take place through individual donations and Leisure Games donating 20% of all book sales during the event. Please considering seizing the opportunity to purchase those supplements or games you have been tempted to acquire for a while.

UPDATE June 12th: Up to Four Players is generously donating a dozen copies of their Crystal Heart book for YOU to purchase and have signed at the event. All proceeds will go to “Role Together“.

Those funds will go “Role Together Scheme”, a charity franchise program launched by The Role Play Haven, a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC).

This initiative is a support network to guide the creation and growth of RPG clubs across the UK with a focus on delivering an excellent gaming experience and building role play communities, all while raising money for charity.

See you on June 27th!

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