Meeting Everyone & Doing All the Things in London with Satine & Ruty from Maze Arcana

The Rolistes Podcast_Episode 30

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The Rolistes Podcast is now THREE YEARS old…

Can you believe it?

Turns out I didn’t have to make any wish while blowing the candles to be blessed with two amazing guests for this small occasion.

Please meet Satine Phoenix and Ruty Rutenberg visiting us in London from California across the Pond. This happened as part of their European tour tied to their participation to the very first “D&D in a Castle“.

The duo are the creators of the very successful Dungeons & Dragons streaming shows under the “Maze Arcana” umbrella.

But there’s more…

Satine is Community Manager for the tabletop RPG overlord publisher “Wizards of the Coast” while Ruty is a screenwriter and his RPG author credits now include the brand new “Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron” (if you pay attention to the episode you will hear him almost spill the beans).

Check this episode to hear them talk about this, their passion for The Hobby and much much much more.

…oh also if you are from anywhere in the UK, I recommend you check “Role Together“.

This new initiative by Role Play Haven is dedicated to supporting the existing RPG clubs, help open new ones ANYWHERE IN THE UK, while also supporting local charities.

See you in a few weeks when we will resume our UK Games Expo 2018 series.



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“Maze Arcana Intro” by AJ Sorbello
“Maze Arcana – Fury’s Reach Intro” by AJ Sorbello & John Saint Claire
“Inkwell Society Intro” by AJ Sorbello

Used with the approval of copyright owner Maze Arcana.

Tabletop RPGs & games
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition by Wizards of the Coast
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit” by Zak Smith/Zak Sabbath for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Stormking’s Thunder by Wizards of the Coast
Living Forgotten Realms” a 4th edition living campaign launched in August 2008 at Gen Con
Eberron” a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons
Noir World” by John Adamus
Dusk City Outlaws” by Rodney Thompson for Scratchpad Publishing
Waterdeep: Dragonheist by Wizards of the Coast
Curse of Stradh by Wizards of the Coast

Mentioned events, books, movies, plays, video games,
magazines, podcasts and TV shows
The Maze Arcana shows including “Inkwell Society“, “Sirens of the Realm” and “Arcana High” by Satine Phoenix & Ruty Rutenberg
Labyrinth” movie by Jim Henson 
The Dark Crystal” movie by Jim Henson 
The Beastmaster” movie by Don Coscarelli
Conan the Barbarian” movie by John Milius
Inherit The Wind” play by Jerome Lawrence Robert E. Lee
I Hit It With My Axe” reality web video series featuring Kimberly Kane, Zak Sabbath, Mandy Morbid, and Satine Phoenix, with Connie and Frankie guest-starring Gia Jordan and Bobbi Star
D&D in a Castle” four nights in an actual castle
Stream of Many Eyes” by Wizard of the Coast
Gen Con” the original, longest-running gaming convention in the world
Dragonlance” a shared universe created by Laura and Tracy Hickman

Le Corbeau“, “La Vérité” and “Les Espions” movies by Henri-Georges Clouzot
The Rusty Quill” London-based actual play show
UK Games Expo
The Scratticus Academy” a tabletop RPG actual play Twitch stream
Red Moon Roleplaying” an actual play podcast (75% Swedish 25% British)

Businesses, Places, Shops, Organisations & Personalities
Keith Baker game designer and fantasy novel author
Zak Smith artist and game designer
Christopher Lindsay product manager for Wizards of the Coast
Nathan Stewart Senior Director for Wizards of the Coast
Christopher Perkins game designer and editor for Wizards of the Coast
Disneyland Paris

The Thirsty Dragon” board gaming bar in Greenwich
David Shepheard, Administrator at Spelljammer Wiki, Moderator at The Spelljammer Image Group and Junior Administrator at The Piazza
Henri-Georges Clouzot French film director
Ben Affleck, American actor and filmmaker
World Anvil” a world-building tool for Tabletop RPG Storytellers and Authors

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