Episode 29 (Part 3) – UK Games Expo 2018, featuring UFO Press, Strangely Games & Holy Hot God Dave

The Rolistes Podcast_Episode 29_Part 3 Listen & review on ITunes

Here’s the third part of our series dedicated to the 2018 edition of UK Games Expo.

Do not miss the visit of Critical Role at MCM Comicon London!

Don’t forget to add a visit at our #PodcastZone at Dragonmeet on Saturday December 1st to meet hosts from all the following shows:

  • D20 Future Show
  • Darker Days Radio
  • Formal Gamer
  • Green Stuff Games
  • Pretending With Dice
  • Sword Coast Soundscapes
  • The Coriolis Effect
  • The Good Friends of Jackson Elias
  • The Penance RPG Podcast
  • Rusty Quill


I hope to meet many of you there.


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The Rolistes Podcast by Kalum is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Merchandising, including t-shirts, with the logo and many more cool “The Rolistes Podcast” art by Rolin Kunz is available on The RPG Academy’s Redbubble Store.

Theme song: “Solta o Frango” by Bonde Do Role
“Disparales (Apocalypsis)” by Los Margaritos
“The Werewolf Rock” by The Zombie Dandies
Available for free download at http://freemusicarchive.org/

Tabletop RPGs & Board Games
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition” by James Iles for UFO Press
What Ho, World!” by  James IlesElizabeth Iles for UFO Press
Legacy: Rhapsody of Blood (Worlds of Legacy 4)” by James Iles for UFO Press
Spire” by Grant Howitt for Rowan, Rook & Deckard
Pigsmoke: A Roleplaying Game of Sorcerous Academia” by Chris Longhurst for Certain Death
Is It a Plane!?” by Christopher Dean for Psychic Cactus Games 
I Love The Corps” by Christopher Dean for Psychic Cactus Games
Full Moon Jacket” by Paul Alan for Strangely Games
Schism” by Chris ‘Shep’ Shepperson for Word Forge Games
In nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas” by Croc for Siroz (today known as Asmodée Éditions) and its US adaptation “In Nomine” by Derek Pearcy for Steve Jackson Games
Nobilis : the Game of Sovereign Powers” by Jenna K Moran for Hogshead Publishing
Lovecraftesque” by Joshua Fox and Becky Annison for Black Armada
Microscope” by Ben Robbins for Lame Mage Productions

Mentioned events, books, movies, plays, video games,
magazines, podcasts and TV shows
UK Games Expo

Castlevania” series of gothic fantasy action-adventure video games by Konami
Dragonmeet” convention in London
Spiel” convention in Essen
Fallen” movie directed by Gregory Hoblit for Warner Bros
Dogma” movie directed by Kevin Smith for Lions Gate Films
Dragonmeet” tabletop convention in London on December 1st 2018

Businesses, Places, Shops, Organisations & Personalities
UFO PressBlack Armada & Certain Death from the UK Indie RPG League
The Oxford University Roleplaying Society (OURPGSoc)
ISAE-SUPAERO Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace“and its “Convention de Jeux de Rôle” wich were the subject of our Episode 11
Word Forge Games publisher of “Devil’s Run” (both a miniature game and a roleplaying game) and “D-Day Dice“,
Strangely Games publisher of “Full Moon Jacket
LURPS – Lancaster University Roleplaying Society


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