That Time Critical Role Ruled MCM London Comic Con – Part Two

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After our Critical Role Panel 1 bonus, we are back in the halls of the ExCeL London to meet more Critters:

We visit briefly The Last Kingdom panel featuring executive producer Stephen Butchard and cast members Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Millie Brady, Toby Regbo, Emily Cox, and Eliza Butterworth (full panel available on YouTube).

More Critters

  • Jess Anson event manager for PodUK;
  • Emma, live from the queue to meet Marisha Ray;
  • Tom as a young Caleb who just met his hero.

Back in the main hall for a snippet of the second Critical Role panel (full panel to be released as Bonus 2).

  • Beth as “Nott, The Brave” and Shanon as Mollyhauk;
  • Jess and Laura as a pair of Beauregard.

That’s it for Part 2. See you soon for our second Bonus and the final part of this series

Please check out everyone above, and let them know if like me you like their awesome work.

I hope to meet many of you to the London stop of the “Satine Phoenix DnD Community European Tour” on June 29th at Bad Moon Cafe.

The main event is already fully booked but you can still join us for the open afterparty from 7.30pm.

You can also join us in person at the monthly “Le Drinks & Dices” in Central London every first Monday of the month (next one on July 3rd).

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