The Rolistes Present… Twitch Panel “Dungeons & Dragons between the Channel & the Pond”

The Rolistes Present_Panel 190824_Cover_V1

The Rolistes Present…” is BORN!

It is inspired by the very pleasant experience of our recent panel “Tabletop RPG between the Channel & the Pond” and last summer’s ” Satine Phoenix DnD European Community Tour” event in London

As such, “The Rolistes Present…” will have two sides.

First, it will be a monthly show streamed on Twitch and focused to the RPG scene in London, the British Isles and Europe.


…and that’s where it’s becoming REALLY interesting…

…it will be a series of LIVE EVENTS driven by a same spirit of community within The Hobby.

Hopefully, I will be able to announce soon a first date and venue for the latter.

Watch this space.

But let’s go back first to what is coming this Saturday August 24th (12pm EDT / 5pm BST).

I was sad Liz Gist wasn’t able to join us for AcadecOnline.

Also, I think we didn’t do justice to the place of Dungeons & Dragons during our last panel.

So here’s our A-list cast for this panel fully dedicated to the popular dungeon crawler from Geneva Lake.

  • Liz Gist (They/Them)
    Queer, agender DM’s Guild Gold creator, Art Director for the Eat the Rich Anthology, Community Manager for D&D in a Castle, artist and editor for multiple volumes of Uncaged.
  • Darrell Impey (He/Him)
    Expat Londoner, former backroom-boy and Dungeon Master at Gen Con UK and coordinator for the Role Playing Games Association, Promotion Assistant for TSR and Wizards of the Coast from late 90s to the early 00s.
  • Mitesh Lamba (He/Him)
    London-based Dungeons and Dragons fan, Community Admin for Critical Role UK Fanpage and Community Moderator for the Critical Role Fan Club.

We hope many of you will join us in the chatroom and that you will find this panel both informative and entertaining.

See you there.


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