The Rolistes Present… “Dungeons & Dragons between the Channel & the Pond”

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After what I guess can be considered as the “pilot”, here’s the very first episode of “The Rolistes Present…”.

What better topic than Dungeons & Dragons itself?

I assembled a top notch cast for this panel with folks fully dedicated to the popular dungeon crawler from Geneva Lake.

  • Liz Gist (They/Them)
    Queer, agender DM’s Guild Gold creator, Art Director for the Eat the Rich Anthology, Community Manager for D&D in a Castle, artist and editor for multiple volumes of Uncaged.
  • Darrell Impey (He/Him)
    Expat Londoner, former backroom-boy and Dungeon Master at Gen Con UK and coordinator for the Role Playing Games Association, Promotion Assistant for TSR and Wizards of the Coast from late 90s to the early 00s.
  • Mitesh Lamba (He/Him)
    London-based Dungeons and Dragons fan, Community Admin for Critical Role UK Fanpage and Community Moderator for the Critical Role Fan Club.

As a reminder, “The Rolistes Present…” will have two sides.

First, it will be a monthly show streamed on Twitch and focused to the RPG scene in London, the United Kingdom and Europe.


…it will be a series of LIVE EVENTS driven by a same spirit of community within The Hobby.

The very first of these will be TWO PANELS at  “The Rolistes Present… Dungeons & Dragons for Mental Health“.

It will take place in London at Bad Moon Cafe on October 20th (link to Facebook Event).

This fundraising for the mental health charity “Mind” is sponsored by The Role Play Haven CIC and jointly organised by The Rolistes Podcast and the following all-star team:

  • London RPG Community will lead the organisation of Dungeons & Dragons play sessions;
  • World Anvil who will be there to celebrate the anniversary of their awesome platform and will also join our panel;

The event will take place all day with the following activities:

All day

This should include different contests and activities as well as a raffle.

10:00 – 13:00
Organised DnD Tables

“Donate what you want” DnD tables with all donations going to our fundraising

14:00 – 16:00
The Rolistes Present… “DnD for Mental Health”

I will be hosting two “The Rolistes Present…” panels centered of mental health, Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPG. The panelists will be announced soon.

16:00 – Onward
World Anvil’s Anniversary social gathering and Drinks

Happy anniversary World Anvil! No doubt, we will also celebrate how charity-minded the DnD community is and the heroic exploits accomplished during the day.

See you there.


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