The Rolistes Present… First LIVE panel “Mental Health within RPG Clubs & Events”

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It’s time to share details about the first of the two “The Rolistes Present…” LIVE PANELS which will take place in London at Bad Moon Cafe on Sunday October 20th as part of the charity event “Dungeons & Dragons for Mental Health” (link to Facebook Event).

This first panel will start at 2pm and it will be dedicated to “”Mental Health within RPG Clubs & Events” and will gather several awesome London-based organisations represented by the following panellists:

  • The Role Play Haven – David Coulter (He/Him)
    David is a Senior Occupational Therapist working with people with LD ASD and Mental Conditions. He is also Community Director of The Role Play Haven which is a volunteer-based, community driven CIC. The Role Play Haven supports the local communities and people through many RPG club branches and events across London and the United Kingdom.
  • London RPG Community – Dasha (She/Her)
    Dasha is a stem cell scientist, Dungeon Master and organiser for London RPG Community which runs games across London. This includes the rather unique persistent Dungeons & Dragons campaign persistent setting The Kantas Expanse which accommodates a large number of players and multiple Dungeon Masters.
  • No More Damsels – Naomi Clark (She/Her)
    Naomi is the co-founder of No More Damsels. She organises events encouraging diverse genders to roleplay and DM. No More Damsels also provides safeguarding guidelines and codes of conduct for clubs and conventions. Her projects include a buddy system to help more players over that first hurdle of getting to a game for the first time.
  • The Goblin’s Chest – Rupert Greyling (He / Him)
    Rupert is an artist, author, creator and owner of The Goblin’s Chest. He works predominantly with children and young people who have suffered trauma and live with various mental health challenges. He currently develops, with a South African NFO, a culturally-sensitive RPG suitable for children in local disadvantaged communities.

As a reminder, these panels will be part of a fundraising event for the mental health charity “Mind”.

There is no pre-booking required nor admission fee, however voluntary donations will be appreciated.

This event is jointly organised by The Rolistes Podcast and the following all-star team:

The event will take place all day with the following activities:

All day

This should include different contests and activities as well as a raffle.

10:00 – 13:00
Organised DnD Tables

“Donate what you want” DnD tables with all donations going to our fundraising

14:00 – 16:00
The Rolistes Present… “DnD for Mental Health”

I will be hosting two “The Rolistes Present…” panels centered of mental health, Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop RPG. The panelists will be announced soon.

16:00 – Onward
“World Anvil’s Second Anniversary” social gathering and Drinks.

Come join us to wish a happy birthday to World Anvil. No doubt, we will also be celebrating how charity-minded the DnD community proved to be and we will have tales of heroic exploits to share.

I can’t wait for y’all to discover everything what the team above has prepared for you.

See you there.


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