The Rolistes Present… #DnD4MentalHealth – Second Panel “Mental Health within Online RPG Communities”

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Here’s the final live “The Rolistes Present…” panel we recorded as part of our charity event “Dungeons & Dragons for Mental Health” for the charity “Mind”.

Please meet our most excellent panellists:

  • WorldAnvil  – Janet (She/Her)
    Janet is the Co-founder and CEO of World Anvil, an online worldbuilding toolbox software and campaign manager created for gamemasters, authors, TTRPG Players and all worldbuilding creatives. She is also a published fantasy author, purveyor of worldbuilding advice on the World Anvil Youtube Channel, and plays Dungeons and Dragons professionally on the official Dungeons & Dragons channels.
  • World Anvil – Dimitris (He/Him)
    Dimitris is the Co-founder and CTO of World Anvil, web developer, user experience researcher, teacher, lifelong student and passionate storyteller! He loves poetry, movies and lemon pies and used to take photos professionally everyday – and wishes he still had the time to do so!
  • EncounterRRoleplay – Charlie”FrostFrmFire” Smith (She/Her)
    Charlie aka “FrostFrmFire” is a tabletop RPG player and game master on numerous Twitch streams and a community book creator. She is the Twitch Director of the Encounter Roleplay streaming channel which produces many hours of high-quality, diverse, interactive RPG streaming.
  • Critical Role UK Fan Group – Mitesh Lamba (He / Him)
    Mitesh is a London-based Dungeons and Dragons fan, Community Admin for Critical Role UK Fanpage and Community Moderator for Critical Role Fan Club.

As a reminder, this event was jointly organised by The Rolistes Podcast and the following all-star team:

Thanks again to the London roleplayers who joined for their generosity


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