Film Studies – District 9 (Humans Belong in the Monster Manual)

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Our latest RPG Academy “Film Studies” is headed by Fiona from “What Am I Rolling”.

We continue our tour around the world to land alongside a gigantic spaceship in South Africa for “District 9” a science-fictional parabole from 2009 directed by Neil Bomkamp.

As a reminder, for Film Studies, members of the Network sometimes joined by non-Network guests, will review a film and discuss ways it could inspire tabletop RPG adventures, characters or practices.

Our competent academic team is completed by Kalum from “The Rolistes Podcast” and Mira Manga from “Girls on Tour” and #PodcastZone (Don’t miss on November 30th at Dragonmeet in London).

Tabletop RPG settings systems and setting mentioned included:

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