The Rolistes Present… Dragonmeet #PodcastZone “So You Want to Start a Podcast!”

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It was a honour to be invited by this year’s #PodcastZone to run a seminar panel at the Dragonmeet gaming convention.

We dedicated this panel to the increasingly popular endeavour of producing YOUR OWN tabletop RPG podcast.

From RPG discussion shows to actual play productions, we covered them all through the prism of:

  • Motivations for launching a podcast;
  • Approaches to production;
  • Equipment, broadcasting methods and potential costs;
  • Ambitions, goals and measures of success.

To cover these subjects I was joined by:

  • DiDnDnD / PodcastZone – Kat Tulip (She/Her)
    Kat is a data analyst and data protection specialist, a Dungeon Master and one half of DiDnDnD. This YouTube channel explores her co-host’s “Chaos Collectives Alters” through building them as D&D characters and other geekeries. Kat is the Autistic half of this safe place challenging Stigma and embracing acceptance of our own disorders. She is also on the management team for #PodcastZone. Finally, Kat featured briefly on Encounter Roleplay and co-hosted The Pocket Mimic podcast. You probably have heard her before!
  • Power Word Roll – Conrad Leaton Gray (He/Him)
    Conrad is the Dungeon Master for the Power Word Roll podcast. He started playing D&D at 13 and has since run games for strangers in cities all over the world.
    Power Word Roll is designed to feel like a radio play with edited and dramatised 30 minute episodes! Luckily before starting the podcast Conrad worked in radio so knows exactly how to turn a long rambling game into sharp exciting audio.
  • The D20 Future Show – Richard Kirke (He/Him)
    Richard is the host and GM of the actual play RPG podcast The D20 Future Show. When he’s not dreaming up science fiction adventures Richard lives in Bolton and works in the soft drinks industry.
  • Flintlocks and Fireballs- Ellie Sparrow (She/Her)
    Ellie is the producer and social media manager for Flintlocks and Fireballs, a Napoleonic, shanty singing, actual play podcast set on a privateer ship. She also plays their resident disaster bard, and shanty man, Celestia Stardust. Finally, she contributes to Adventurers Wanted as a community manager and moderator.

Thanks again to Mira from #PodcastZone for setting up this panel and to the Dragonmeet team for hosting us as part of their amazing event.


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