The Rolistes Present… “British Recipes to Succeed With Your Kickstarter Campaign”

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Have you ever considered crowdfunding a RPG project of your own via Kickstarter?

The Rolistes Present…” gathered three amazing professionals from the British tabletop industry to discuss about their experience with successfully funded games:

As discussed, the Kickstarter campaign for Last Fleet by Josh Fox is LIVE RIGHT NOW! Please consider backing this excellent tabletop RPG inspired by the many science-fiction stories involving fleets of starship desperately trying to escape a merciless threat.

Our next Twitch panel will be titled “Tabletop Roleplaying Games As The Lusitanians Do” and will gather three RPG fans from Portugal. It will take place on Saturday February 1st from 1pm EST (6pm GMT) on the Twitch channel of The RPG Academy.

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See you next month and in the meantime have good games.


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