The Rolistes Newsletter: Your Proudly London-Based TTRPG Monthly Digest


Events, multiple audio and video shows, a Patreon bonus show, live streams on Twitch and more…

…we are just doing so much at The Rolistes lately!

On top of that, there SO MANY other exciting things happening in London, the UK, across the Channel and the Pond.

How can one keep track of all of the above?

Fear no more! The Rolistes Newsletter is here to help you with a single monthly email which will keep your mail uncluttered.

Readacted by the inspired quill of Jonathan Pay, this must-read digest will feature:

  • A summary of all the content released by The Rolistes or about to be;
  • The full details about upcoming events that we organise or are planning to attend;
  • Even more tabletop roleplaying news through the latest inside “gossips” submitted at our monthly London Le Drinks & Dice such as news from cool TTRPG clubs, publishers, authors, and other content creators.

I can hear you ask “Where do I sign up?”.

Well my fellow Roliste (that’s French for “TTRPG fan”), you can do so using the link below:



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