Good Ol’ Dragonmeet, 2019 – Part Two

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Here’s our second and final part dedicated to Dragonmeet 2019.

I have especially fond memories of that last edition which was an opportunity to meet under a roof so many people I’ve grown to appreciate and exchanged so many affectionate gestures.

To close the door on that edition, please let me introduce you to:

Due to Covid-19, there won’t be an in-person “London Le Drinks & Dices” this April. I will however look into a way to hold it “online”. Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are from London or not. Keep an eye in our news section, Twitter and Facebook feed for updates.

Take care everyone. Stay safe.


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Theme song: “Solta o Frango” by Bonde Do Role
“Lovecraft” by The Vaselines
“Drums Over London” by Disco Zombies
“The Community” by The Gays
Available for free download at

Tabletop RPGs & games
Bite Marks” by Becky Annison for Black Armada Games
Amazing Tales” by Martin Lloyd
Tails of Equestria” by River Horse Games 
Call of Cthulhu“, “Rivers of London“, “The Malleus Monstrorum” by Chaosium;
“The Kantas Expanse” a 5e setting covered in our Episode 37 “On the Shores of Kantas with London RPG Community (featuring a D&D 5e Actual Play)
Crystal Heart” a colourful setting for “Savage Worlds” by Up to Four Players which is the subject of a webcomic featuring an explanation of the rules
Mutants & Masterminds” by Green Ronin
Is It a Plane!?” and “I Love The Corps” by Christopher Dean for Psychic Cactus Games
which were discussed with the author in The Rolistes Podcast Episode 29 Part 4
Alien – Tabletop Roleplaying Game” by Tomas Härenstam and Andrew E.C. Gaska for Fria Ligan
Nibiru” by Federico Sohns for Araukana Media
Clumsy Heroic Adorable Anticapitalist Penguins VS Business Goose’s Ivory Tower“, “This Is A Sad Place, Where Ghosts Live” by Ursidice
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen” by James Wallis
Honey Heist” by Chris Taylor & Grant Howitt
Lasers and Feelings” by John Harper for One Seven
Dungeons & Dragons 5e” by Wizards of the Coast
Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game” by Greg Costikyan for West End Games
Dungeon World” by Sage LaTorra & Adam Koebel for Sage Kobold
Masks A New Generation” by Brendan Conway for Magpie Games

Mentioned events, books, movies, plays, video games,
magazines, podcasts and TV shows
She’s a Super Geek” podcast by Senda and Andi
Robocop” directed by Paul Verhoeven
The Image of the City” book by American urban theorist Kevin Lynch
Rivers of London” book series by Ben Aaronovitch
Color Out of Space” directed by Richard Stanley
Aliens” directed by James Cameron
Effekt Podcast” by Matthew and Dave dedicated to Fria Ligan games
Hearty Dice Friends” podcast by Grant Howitt & Chris Taylor
EastEnders“a British soap opera created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland
Merely Roleplayers” podcast by Matt Boothman
Queer Dungeoneers” podcast
The Famous Five” series of children’s adventure novels by Enid Blyton
The “Dyatlov Pass incident” an event where nine hikers died in 1959

Businesses, Places, Shops, Organisations & Personalities
The Urban Design Group

Paul Fricker game designer and podcaster
Critical Role Translate
The Role Play Haven
London Tabletop Industry Network (TIN) founder by Jane Hermiston
Cousin Nalesk author of the blog Elucubrations Ursidées
Eric Nieudan author of “Macchiato Monsters
Monte Cook, game designer who was our guest back in Episode 12 “An Evening With Monte Cook & Other RPG Memories
London Indie RPG Community
Playtest UK
Lloyd Gyan
& James Mullen from “James & Lloyd Read Indie RPG Blurbs So You Don’t Have To
Eunice Hung, from London Indie RPG Community
James Wallis
 game designer and publisher who was our guest back in Episode 24 “Armagnac, Strudel, Munchausen, James Wallis & a Few Other Friends (Part One)

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