Coming Soon: The Rolistes Present… Twitch Panel “Everything You Never Dared To Ask About Dungeons & Dragons & TTRPGs on Tik ToK”

The Rolistes Present_Panel 20.05.10_Announcement_V3

When I first joined Tik Tok, I felt like…


…but now I’m like…

RolistesPod Tik Tok

Long story short, Tik Tok has a LOT to offer to Dungeons & Dragons and Tabletop RPG fans.

You have cosplayers, funny skits (including too many Bard jokes and don’t ask about clams), GMing advice and even lip-synched re-enactment of your favourite actual play TTRPG shows.

But don’t take my word for it, this month’s “The Rolistes Present…” assembled a team to tell you everything about this hip place where you too can hang out:

  • Hanna – Alikai.Wonderland (She/Her)
    Hanna is from Finland and a roleplayer since 2009 and a small-time creator on TikTok since 2019.

    She’s also, as Eloria, a creator active through her local Fenno-Swedish LARP association. Her favourite tabletop game is Dungeons and Dragons, but she also has a soft spot for the World of Darkness setting by White Wolf. On Tik Tok, she mainly focuses on funny little skits and short videos reflecting her characters’ personalities.
  • Kestrel – OtisClues/OatCooki (They/Them)
    Kestrel is from the UK. They are a student filmmaker and amateur musician. They are a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast since 2017 when they discoverer it through The Adventure Zone podcast. They’ve been DMing ever since, primarily over the internet, and aim to make any game they run a space where anyone and everyone feels welcome.
  • Robin – Robin_Roulette/Roulette_Cos (They/Them)
    Robin is a UK-based Cosplayer and DnD nerd. They have been cosplaying for 5 years and playing DnD since mid-2019. They are known by their friends as the resident dice goblin, with 42 sets and counting. This is arguably their favourite part of DnD. On TikTok, Robin mainly cosplays their own characters, sharing stories of their campaigns, and sometimes Geeky Clean’s bath bombs. 
  • Jake – JasonV131/JakeJohansen673 (He/Him)
    Jake is a UK based D&D player and Game Master since 2017. He also do some cosplay and all around nerdy and geeky stuff. He is no stranger to being a Dice Goblin with about 15 sets of dice, including one metal set. On top of that, he has over 19 DnD books, each one already used in campaigns. Creating characters, places and backstories are his cup of tea. On Tik Tok, he likes to cosplay as multiple original characters sometimes telling parts of stories, and on occasion to provide supportive videos on Tik Tok for anyone to see.

Join us on the The RPG Academy Twitch Channel on SUNDAY May 10th (1pm EDT / 6pm BST) to contribute to our panel via our chatroom.

We hope that you will find this panel both informative and entertaining.

Sidenote, to be informed in advance of any of our future panels, events and shows please join our newsletter!

See you there.


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