Origins Online Not Happening? Let’s Play Anyway on that Weekend & Fundraise for Black Lives Matter

Paris Gondo_Origins_V1_2020.06.05_Square

That title is quite long but hopefully, it’s getting the point across.

Origins Online is (rightly) cancelled, but I decided to answer the call of Dennis Furia who is encouraging people from the “Origins Games Fair: Games Master Group” to run their games independently and to do so while supporting Black Lives Matter Global Network. and other initiatives for racial justice.

If you would like to join other games, Dennis is keeping a Master list of Origins Online Events Happening Independently (the conditions of these are completely left to individual organisers).

But, back to “Paris Gondo – The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying“….

I will be running four sessions of my game from Friday June 19 to Sunday June 21st.

To register, please complete BOTH OF THESE TWO STEPS:

  • select a session in our Sign Up Doodle
  • AND email me at 

I hope the process will be straightforward but I am new at organising such thing.

Those sessions are entirely free, but I would be grateful for any donation to the following fundraising towards the NAACP Empowerment Programs:
#SparkJoy / Eliminate Racial Hatred & Racial Discrimination

If you prefer to support Black Lives Matters in another way, the Ways You Can Help Black Lives Matters webpage is full of other means, including non-financial one, as well as alternative organisations to pick and resources to educate ourselves.

I look forward to playing with you.



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