Film Studies – The Others (We Promise We Won’t Spoil Bly Manor)

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After several months, Film Studies finally awakens from its slumber to celebrate Halloween.

Grab an oil lamp and follow Kalum from “The Rolistes Podcast” into the dark corners of “The Others, a 2001 English-language Spanish film directed and scored by Alejandro Amenábar.

As usual, we review this film and discuss ways it could inspire tabletop RPG adventures, characters or practices.

Our academic team is completed by Dany Roth from “Song vs Song” and “Everyday Horror” as well as Helen Gould from The Rusty Quill.

Tabletop RPG settings systems, setting and luminaries mentioned included:

Our next episode is already recorded!

It will see the return of Bee from “The Broadswords” and Scott from “Lawful & Orderly“. It was such a pleasure to record our episode about Delicatessen. I just HAD to record an episode again with them 

This time, we will cover “Black Cat, White Cat” directed by Emir Kusturica.

Let us know, ahead of the recording, if this movie inspired you some tabletop RPG adventures.

Maybe we will discuss your contribution on the show.

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