Lloyd Gyan & All the Things We Do Not Talk About – Part Two

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Were are back for the second and final part of our interview with Lloyd Gyan. (check Part One if you have not yet).

We continued our ramblings which included, but were not limited to:

I still do not know who will be our guest in December but, as usual, it will likely be a nice surprise.

In the meantime, you can practice your French through participating the many things that CyberConv 2.0 will offer to French-speaking TTRPG fans on November 27, 18 and 29.



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Theme song: “Solta o Frango” by Bonde Do Role
“I Am a Monster” by Tinyfolk
“Storytime” by AJ Super
Available for free download at http://freemusicarchive.org/

Tabletop RPGs & games
Nibiru” by Federico Sohns for Araukana Media
Call of Cthulhu“, “Rivers of London“, “Reign of Terror“, “Masks of Nyarlathotep“, “Pulp Cthulhu” & “Rivers of London” by Chaosium
The Final Girl” by Bret Gillan for Gas Mask Games
Kult: Divinity Lost” by Modiphius
Die Laughing” by Craig Campbell for NerdBurger Games
Pasión de las Pasiones” by Brandon Leon-Gambetta for Magpie Games
The concept of Layers of the Game as updated recently in “Pandas Talking Game – Layers: The Panda Redux
Checkpoint Midnight” by Alexi Sargeant for Cloven Pine Games which I played in “Checkpoint Midnight – Vienna 1948
The French contemporary occult “Nephilim” which we very often discussed on The Rolistes and which was showcased in “Episode 20 – Nephilim with Mira, Willem & Rob
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective” board game by Raymond EdwardsSuzanne Goldberg & Gary Grady
Mausritter” by Isaac Williams for Gulix
Into the Odd” by Chris McDowall for Lost Pages
Mouse Guard” by Luke Crane & David Peterson for Archaia Entertainment
Lady Blackbird” by John Harper
Masks: A New Generation” by Brendan Conway for Magpie Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics” by Joseph Goodman for Goodman Games
For The Honor” by Quinn Vega

Mentioned events, books, movies, plays, video games,
magazines, podcasts and TV shows
How We Roll” podcast by Joe Trier
“The Ring” remake which is nowhere near as good the original “Ringu“, movie directed by Hideo Nakata
The Babysitter” movie directed by McG
Marianne” TV show by Samuel Bodin for Netflix
Rivers of London” book series by Ben Aaronovitch
Enola Holmes film based by Netflix based on the series of the same name by Nancy Springer.
The Others (Los Otros)” movie directed by by Alejandro Amenábar which we covered in “Film Studies – The Others (We Promise We Won’t Spoil Bly Manor)
The Fly” movie directed by David Cronenberg
The Haunting of Bly Manor” TV show by Mike Flanagan for Netflix
James & Lloyd Read Indie RPG Blurbs So You Don’t Have To” by James Mullen and Lloyd Gyan

Businesses, Places, Shops, Organisations & Personalities
Modiphius, TTRPG Publisher
Chaosium, TTRPG Publisher
Metropolitan Police Service informally called the Met, territorial police force responsible for law enforcement in 32 London boroughs
A.C.A.B., slogan associated with dissidents subjected to police brutality
Transport for London (TfL), local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London
National Health Service (NHS), the publicly-funded healthcare systems of the United Kingdom
John Harper, game designer
Brendan Conway, game designer
AlbaCon, where you’ll find a “2020 – A RPG Year In Review Round Table” panel featuring myself and Lloyd

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