Follow-up to Episode 3: Aquelarre, confessions of a roleplayer

Following reports of the recent translation of potentially dangerous texts, an investigation was initiated leading to the discovery of an audio surveillance tape found in the basement of an abandoned tapas bar in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood. Following your request, please find below the transcript of this mysterious recording. Hopefully, it will prove helpful in … Continue reading Follow-up to Episode 3: Aquelarre, confessions of a roleplayer

Triangulo Friki, Utah Encounter & More

As we say in French, "Jamais deux sans trois". Here is Episode 3. We take an unexpected flight to Barcelona and meet there Kanard, yet another member of the Guilde des Rolistes Francophones de Londres. We discussed what brought him to London then Barcelona before moving onto the subject of his modest knowlegde of local geek culture such as the "Triangulo Friki". As an interlude, I also take you to the Mercat de la Boqueria from a slice of ham and to discuss briefly the subject of tabletop roleplaying games with a friendly couple from Utah. Thanks for listening and please, please leave me comments.