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The Rolistes Present (Episode Zero) - AcadecOnline "Tabletop RPG between the Channel & the Pond"

Tue Sep 03 2019

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Once upon a time, The RPG Academy invited me to put together a panel on the topic of “Tabletop RPG Between The Channel & The Pond”.

The experience turned out to be such a pleasure that it inspired me to start a new show: The Rolistes Present….

First, it will be a monthly show streamed on Twitch and focused to the RPG scene in London, the British Isles and Europe.

Second, it will be a series of LIVE EVENTS driven by a same spirit of community within The Hobby. Hopefully, I will be able to announce soon a first date and venue for the first o these. Watch this space!

What made this first experience so great was for sure my three amazing guests:

The video of this panel is available on The RPG Academy's YouTube channel.

Another one, on the topic of "Dungeons & Dragons between the Channel & the Pond", was already streamed last month. It should be released soon here as a podcast as well as on YouTube.

The next one will feature Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. It will be streamed live on The RPG Academy Twitch Channel on Sunday September 8th (1pm EDT / 6pm BST).